Your Guide to the Top Kenosha County Senior Resource Center Services

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Do you know about the senior resources in Kenosha County?

Have you looked into the Kenosha County senior resource center?

Are you aware of all the various services and resources offered by the Kenosha County Department of Aging?

It’s relatively common to find state resources and services through the Wisconsin Department of Aging. However, local aging and disability resource centers in Wisconsin are also available. Kenosha County itself has an Age and Disability Office for adults that’s full of helpful services.

In this article, we’re sharing the top resources and services that the Kenosha County Age and Disability Help Center offers. If you’ve been wondering what local opportunities for aging seniors exist in Kenosha Country, keep reading. 

Kenosha County Department of Aging Resources and Services

From health and wellness to social gatherings (virtually or at a safe distance) and benefits assistance, the Kenosha County senior resource center is ripe with helpful resources and services.

The Kenosha Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is available to elderly adults aged 60+ and adults with disabilities aged 18+. In particular, the ADRC offers a plethora of advantages to aging seniors.

Here’s a list of the top Age and Disability Office services seniors can take advantage of.

Benefits Assistance

Do you understand Medicare or how to access health care in retirement?

Do you know the ins and outs of Social Security?

Do you have outstanding debts that you’re unsure how to pay?

As you age and enter into retirement, health insurance and other benefits can become increasingly confusing. The Kenosha County aging and disability help center can assist you.

The ADRC offers free and confidential services. Staff is ready to take your call and guide you through situations like:

  • Debt collection
  • Employer pension and retirement benefits
  • Medicare or Medicaid services
  • Social Security retirement benefits
  • Veteran Affairs (VA) medical benefits

Check out the Kenosha senior resource center online, read their benefits assistance brochure, or give them a call at 262-605-6646 to learn more about how they can help you.

Health and Wellness Resources

The Kenosha ADRC has many different resources to promote healthy living and wellness as an elderly adult. Every month (except November and December), the senior resource center offers health and wellness classes.

Below we outline these classes and their schedules.

The Disease Self-Management Workshop

This 6-week class gives you advice and tips on being in control, feeling better, and doing what you want to do. The course aims to help you go from surviving to thriving with an on-going health condition.

Some specific topics covered include:

The age and disability office offers Self-Management Workshops in January, April, July, and October. 

Stepping On Workshop

According to the Wisconsin online resource center, the death rate due to falls in Wisconsin is twice the national average.

It’s not uncommon to experience a fall, especially as you age. However, falling is preventable, and fear of falling shouldn’t hinder you from leaving the house or enjoying life.

The ADRC offers a helpful class called Stepping On Workshop. This class provides valuable information on fall prevention to give you confidence when you’re outside the home. It’s also a great way to connect with and support other elderly adults in a similar situation.

Stepping On is offered 3-4 times per year in March, June, and September. Registration for this event takes place online.

Lighten Up!

Well-being is an essential part of living a fulfilling life. It involves having positive relationships, feeling good about yourself, and engaging actively in work, fun, and community.

If you’re struggling with well-being or just want to learn more about thriving in everyday life, the Kenosha county department of aging Lighten Up! class is for you. 

This Kenosha ADRC offers this class in February, May, and August, and you can register for Lighten Up! online.

Family Caregiver Resources

When family members begin to age, the burden of care can fall to their adult children or other close relatives. Caring for a loved one can be fulfilling, but it can also lead to burnout or caregiver guilt.

Thankfully, the Kenosha ADRC has an extensive library of resources and classes to help family caregivers that include:

  • Seminars and classes for dementia caregiving
  • A 6-week class called “Powerful Tools for the Caregiver” designed by Stanford University to help caregivers develop self-care tools
  • Family caregiver support groups dealing with family members with Alzheimer’s

However, sometimes the burden of care becomes more serious, and you can’t do it alone. What do you do then?

Kenosha County In-Home Care

Wisconsin elderly assistance resources are great, especially when they’re offered locally. The Kenosha resource center offers seniors help with understanding insurance and other benefits, healthy living resources, and family caregiver wellness tips and classes.

But there may come a time when public services through the Kenosha County Department of Aging can only do so much for your aging loved ones; they may need more personalized help.

Kenosha County is home to a premier in-home care agency called Stowell Associates. 

At Stowell Associates, we care about the elderly population and understand senior care. Our in-home care services are a great way to ensure safe and healthy living for aging adults in the comfort of their homes. Hiring one of our in-home Caregivers can provide respite care and peace of mind to family caregivers while providing aging loved ones with the hands-on care they need.

Contact our Kenosha office today to talk with one of our expert Care Advisors. They’re ready to speak with you about how in-home care can support you and your aging family members.

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