Care Coaching

Guiding and empowering you to improve your loved one’s safety, enhance their quality of life, and ease your own burden.

Starting with our brief assessment, we help you identify and manage your concerns, and measure your progress in meeting your goals.

improve safety@4x

Improve safety

Working with a Stowell Care Coach helps you prioritize and resolve your safety concerns: unsafe driving, frequent falls, medication management, or financial abuse.

enhance quality of life@4x

Enhance quality of life

With supportive guidance from your Care Coach, you can become the advocate your loved one needs during transitions of care, social isolation, or declining judgement.

ease the burden@4x

Ease the burden

A Care Coach helps you identify and navigate these common stressors: dementia, feeling overwhelmed, new and unfamiliar diagnoses, family conflict, or insurance and benefits.

What is Care Coaching?

Care Coaching is an ongoing service that provides family caregivers around the country with the support and resources they need to improve their loved one’s safety and quality of life while reducing their own caregiving stress – at an affordable price.

A trusted ongoing partnership

A Stowell Care Coach, a masters-level social worker, is a trusted partner who understands your situation and will work with you regularly in monthly one-on-one telephone sessions, listening and guiding you on your journey as a family caregiver. Having a long-term relationship with a Care Coach will help you plan and proactively work towards your goals, which can help you avoid the next crisis. Plus, Care Coaches are part of Stowell’s award-winning Care Team, helping clients resolve their concerns for over 38 years. Should a crisis occur, Stowell’s experienced Care Team will be ready to help.

How Can a Care Coach Help?

When working with a Stowell Care Coach, we can help you identify and prioritize your concerns, then create an action plan for you to improve your loved one’s safety, better their quality of life, and give you peace of mind.

  • Driving
  • Falls
  • Medications
  • New Diagnosis
  • Financial Abuse
  • Family Conflict
  • Change in Condition
  • Dementia
  • Family Overwhelmed
  • Insurance / Benefits
  • Future Planning
  • Social Engagement
  • Transitions
  • Poor Judgement & Decisions

Care Coaching FAQ

When you sign up for Care Coaching with Stowell, you receive 75 minutes each month of one-on-one telephonic coaching with a masters-level social worker who has specific expertise in geriatric care.

During your first session, you will complete a brief assessment so that you and your Care Coach can identify your top concerns and focus your work on those.

Following the initial assessment, you will develop a plan with your Care Coach that includes actionable steps you can take to towards resolving your concerns.

The initial agreement is three months, after which coaching continues on a month-to-month basis.

The brief assessment captures your level of concern about the challenges you face as a family caregiver: improving your loved one’s safety, enhancing their quality of life, and easing your own burden.

This assessment is repeated throughout your care coaching to continually update the work you do with your Care Coach.

While there are some similarities between care coaching and care management – the high-level qualifications of the social worker you will work with being the biggest, there are key differences between the two services:

  • Care coaching is for individuals who are looking to provide and manage care for a loved one themselves but who need some professional guidance and consultation. Care management is best when someone needs a professional to step in and do the work for them.
  • Care coaching is done entirely over the phone, while care management occurs almost always in person. We have found that many don’t need to be seen in person. They need information available in care coaching so that they can manage from afar.
  • Care coaching is intended for current and future planning, while Care Managers can help in crisis situations that require immediate professional assistance.
  • Care coaching is an ongoing program billed at the low monthly cost of $100/month. Care management is billed on an hourly basis.

If you are caring for a family member, we can support you through the challenges that arise on your care journey. Our award-winning Care Team has been helping clients resolve their concerns for over 38 years. And, should a crisis occur, Stowell’s experienced Care Team will be ready to help.

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