The Best In-home Elderly Care Jobs Hiring In Milwaukee, WI

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person searching for caregiver jobs online

If you’re a caring, compassionate person who loves helping others and is looking for a flexible, lucrative career, there are many caregiver jobs hiring in Milwaukee, WI.

Did you know that elderly care jobs require little previous experience?

Have you thought about becoming an in-home caregiver but unsure which caregiver training programs are the best to take?

Are you searching online for “caregiver jobs near me?”

Caregiver employment opportunities in Milwaukee are abundant and perfect for anyone looking to start a fulfilling career. They’re also easy to apply to since many require as little as six months of experience, and you’ll receive all the training you need before your first day.

Do you want to learn more about caregiver requirements and training?

In this article, we’re sharing inside information about caregiver careers. You’ll learn everything about caregiver qualifications, requirements, and training.

Keep reading to learn about home care jobs hiring in Milwaukee and where you can fill out a caregiver job application form today.

What Is an In-home Caregiver for the Elderly?

An in-home caregiver enters into an elderly adult’s home and assists them with daily life tasks.

Sometimes aging seniors simply need someone to provide them with companionship and assistance with small tasks, like:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation to and from appointments/events
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal prep

Other times, seniors need more hands-on help with personal life tasks, including:

  • Bathing and toileting
  • Incontinence care
  • Feeding
  • Transfers and ambulation

Caregivers are also often trained to care for individuals with diseases like dementia. 

Ultimately, a caregiver’s role is to provide the highest quality care and support to elderly adults so that seniors can age comfortably in their homes. 

But before becoming a caregiver and adding significant value to the lives of aging seniors, there are some requirements and caregiver qualities you should know.

Caregiver Requirements and Qualities

Jobs helping seniors in their homes don’t have many requirements or qualifications. However, there are few boxes you’ll want to check before applying for a senior care job opening

Here are some of the requirements for becoming a caregiver and the top qualities of good caregivers.

Requirements for Becoming a Caregiver

Most people think that elderly care jobs require certifications, like becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA). 

Though you can get specific caregiving certifications, you don’t need them to apply for caregiver job opportunities. The only requirements you must meet to start a career in caregiving are:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Hold a valid driver’s license and have a reliable, insured vehicle
  • Have 6+ months of caregiving experience
  • Pass a drug screening and background check

If you check off these requirements, then you’re on your way to an in-home care job.

But it’s often the emotional and character qualities that are more important in determining your fit as a caregiver to seniors.

Qualities of a Good Caregiver

Even if you meet all the requirements listed above, it’s also important to possess some of the intangible qualities that make for a good caregiver.

When home care companies look at a potential candidates resume or talk with them in an interview, they’re often looking for qualities like:

  • Compassion
  • The desire to grow and develop professionally
  • Excellent time management
  • Strong communication skills
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Patience

You don’t need to possess all the qualities listed above to make a good caregiver. People can improve in areas of weakness and learn new skills. We simply share this list to help you better understand some of the skills and qualities necessary to thrive as a caregiver. 

Now that you understand some of the requirements and qualifications of a caregiver, let’s talk briefly about what caregiver training looks like.

We’re hiring caregivers in Southeastern Wisconsin

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Caregiver Training Programs

The best home care companies will provide you with the training you need to ensure that you’re ready for your first day—and every day after that. 

Assuming you get hired, here’s an overview of what training may look like:

  • An initial online course designed to help you learn the basic hard and soft skills needed to be a caregiver
  • In-person training where you get to practice and master the skills you learned online
  • Ongoing training that provides you with updated caregiver techniques and professional upskilling to help you grow in your career 

The specifics of these three caregiver training programs will vary slightly based on the company you work for, but they should all include:

  • Hard skills training: Hard skills are the necessary hands-on skills, like bathing or ambulating a client.
  • Soft skills training: Soft skills are the emotional and awareness side of caregiving that make the client feel comfortable with you helping them. Some examples of soft skills include leaving the house with plenty of time to get your client to a medical appointment or asking them if they want to work the radio in the car.

People who possess most (if not all) of the qualities listed in the previous section have no problem quickly learning the necessary hard and soft skills. If you know you want to be a home caregiver and work hard at improving every day, you’ll most likely succeed.

The Best Caregiver Jobs Hiring in Milwaukee, WI

Elderly care jobs present an excellent job opportunity for someone with a compassionate heart who loves to help others. Many home care companies are experiencing a caregiver shortage, and numerous homecare jobs are hiring in Milwaukee and all around Wisconsin.

Becoming a caregiver isn’t a complicated process, and it doesn’t require much prior experience or caregiver knowledge. You need to meet some caregiver requirements, but it’s your emotional intelligence and character qualities that home care companies care most about.

Once you apply for a caregiver position and get hired, your company will provide you with the necessary training. Their caregiver training program should include both hard and soft skills training opportunities. The best home care companies will also offer ongoing training to help you grow and develop as a caregiver.

At Stowell Associates, we’re one of the top home care companies to work for in all of Wisconsin. We take pride in our caregivers and see them as our most valuable asset, so we provide all our caregivers with:

  • The highest quality caregiver training
  • Generous pay and benefits, including health insurance and 401k
  • Ongoing training and support

Our love for our caregivers is what drives us to care for them as best as we can. If you’re searching for “best caregiver jobs near me,” then we’re what you’re looking for.

Apply online today to work at Stowell and become part of our team. We’re excited to help you take the next step toward a rewarding career in caregiving.

We’re hiring caregivers in Southeastern Wisconsin

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