Top 4 Qualities of a Professional Caregiver

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Compassionate Caregiver

Have you been frantically searching, “How to get 24-hour care for the elderly at home?” We have an answer. Before an adult child commits to in-home care for their parent, most want to know what kind of person will be entering their home.

You can’t always decide when you’ll need home care for mom or dad. As your loved one ages, the reality of in-home care starts to come into focus rather quickly.

Only you can provide care like you do, right? We agree with you. Nobody can replace a family member and the sacrificial care they provide to aging loved ones. However, at some point, your loved one’s elder care needs will grow outside of your abilities.

At Stowell Associates, we want you to feel comfortable knowing the kind of person coming into your home or your parent’s home to provide care. In this blog, we list four qualities of a professional caregiver and answer the question, “How to get a caregiver for my mom or dad?”

What Qualities Should a Caregiver Possess?

When adult children remove their position as “family caregivers” and sit back into their rightful place as “children,” family ties find a new sense of balance. If someone else is caring for your aging loved one, they need to possess these four qualities of a professional caregiver.

1. Compassion

Compassion makes the number one spot on most lists about the qualities of a good caregiver because it’s the most important. We believe caregiving is a calling, and the best caregivers are full of kindness and compassion towards others. 

In short, compassion means “to suffer together.” It’s not the same as empathy but creates a deep sense of motivation to relieve another person’s suffering. Compassionate caregivers don’t pity elderly adults but act in their best interest to alleviate discomfort and support them emotionally and physically.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is crucial in caregiving. A professional caregiver knows how to meet the physical needs of elderly adults; an emotionally intelligent caregiver holds the tools to read between the lines. They can quickly respond to subtleties in the emotions of others, providing a higher level of care.

Emotionally intelligent caregivers are also naturally more compassionate and respond quickly to the needs of an elderly adult who may otherwise appear “hard to read.” Emotional intelligence is an instrumental trait for anyone, but particularly elevates the client experience of elder care.

3. Creativity

Creativity is one of the underrated characteristics of a caregiver, but the implications are endless. Let’s say your loved one dislikes taking their medications or even eating food that supports their body. A creative caregiver won’t shrug their shoulders and say, “Okay, fine.” They will find a creative solution to engage your family member and turn a mundane task into an enjoyable experience.

Research has shown that participation in creative activities contributes to successful aging, benefitting the body and mind in a very literal sense. Caregivers who embed creative arts into the daily lives of elderly adults can improve an older adult’s sense of happiness – that’s how powerful creativity can be.

4. Passion

One of the last qualities of a good caregiver is passion. You can’t be an impactful caregiver without being passionate about the work and all that it entails. Caregiving is truly a labor of love to care for the needs of others. A professional caregiver is a passionate caregiver when they see their job as more than a 9-5, but a life-changing profession.

Passionate caregivers intentionally connect with older adults, enjoy their work, and feel fulfilled knowing they make a difference in someone’s life every day.

How to Get 24-hour Care for Elderly At Home Assistance

If you’re thinking, “How to get a caregiver for my mom with these qualities?” we can help.

Stowell Associates provides in-home care, supporting older adult’s activities of daily living activities so that they can live a safer independent lifestyle. When hiring, we look for caregivers who possess these core qualities of a good caregiver, ensuring that we can consistently provide the best care available.

But we don’t stop at providing at-home care for elderly adults. Stowell exists to improve the quality of life for both adult children and their aging parents. We support adult children through care management. Our expert care managers create tailored solutions to help families gain clarity and peace of mind about elder care for their aging loved ones.

In-home caregivers support your elderly family members, and Stowell care managers support you. Around-the-clock care enables older adults to live independently without being a burden to family members who may feel burnt out.

Contact our Care Team for more information on how to get 24-hour care for elderly at-home assistance.

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