Virtual Senior Care Management: Your Personal Partners In Elderly Care

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When in-person care coaching isn’t feasible, a virtual care manager can make all the difference to those caring for an elderly loved one.

Family members often struggle to bear the responsibility of elderly care when they’re the primary caregiver for their loved ones. It’s challenging to love and care for an elderly parent while also:

  • Ensuring your loved one’s safety
  • Maintaining a high standard of care
  • Navigating declining health or cognition
  • Improving their quality of life
  • Caring for yourself and other dependents

But what if you could get virtual access to an elder care expert who could walk you through the caregiving process?

At Stowell Associates, we’re proud to offer a convenient, leading care management service that supports family caregivers.

With the Stowell Care Coaching Program, you’ll enjoy personalized, one-on-one virtual health care management to guide you through the caregiver process and assist in creating the best action plan based on your loved one’s unique needs. We’re your partners in elderly care, easing the burden of senior care management and utilizing the convenience of telehealth technologies to provide support when and where family caregivers need it most.

Read on to learn more about the features of Stowell’s Care Coaching Program and how it’s revolutionizing elder care case management for Wisconsin elder care and beyond.

What Is A Virtual Care Manager?

Before we explore the Stowell Care Coaching program in detail, let’s first review the role of virtual care managers for senior care.

A virtual care manager remotely supports family caregivers who are passionate about ensuring the highest quality of life and care for their elderly loved ones. Virtual care managers typically offer these services through telehealth technologies like:

  • Video chat
  • Phone Calls
  • Online feedback
  • Messaging or live chats

The Stowell Care Coaching Program offers family caregivers an affordable option for senior care management. During this transitional period, Stowell Care Coaches virtually connect with family members of aging parents who are looking for a resource to empower, educate, and encourage them. Unlike other virtual care managers, Stowell Care Coaches have years of elder care training and experience that they bring to the table.

By partnering with a trained elder care professional, family caregivers have access to personalized advice and support when they need it most.

In-home elder care and virtual care management solutions.

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Caregiving Empowerment Through Partnership

Family caregivers often feel isolated as they struggle to balance the needs of their aging parents with their own responsibilities (including those of their children).

The care process is further complicated if loved ones suffer from more severe issues, like:

  • Dementia
  • Visual impairments
  • Depression
  • Other physical or cognitive challenges

When caregivers feel ill-equipped to handle the responsibility of home care, they must find reassurance to make family caregiving manageable without neglecting their own health and wellbeing.  

Through the Stowell Associates Care Coaching Program, caregivers receive 75 minutes of call time each month to work through current challenges and plan for future ones.

The Stowell Care Coaching Program matches each family with a passionate and experienced Stowell Care Manager. Our professional virtual Care Managers are specially trained to support families across several types of virtual care.

During these calls, family members can discuss any of their concerns. Then, the Care Coach will help you create a detailed care plan to address these care concerns and risks.  

Care coaches will cover a variety of topics, depending on the family caregiver’s needs. Here are some of the most common risks and concerns you may have as you care for a loved one.

1. Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Safe

Living alone can be overwhelming for individuals who require constant care. From the first conversation with your Stowell Care Coach, you’ll build a plan that ensures your loved one and can safely enjoy a high quality of life.

Perhaps, you’re worried about your parents’ ability to drive and aren’t sure how to approach the topic or take away their keys. A Care Coach can walk you through tips and strategies to effectively navigate this situation.

Or, maybe your parents are at a high risk of falling or have dementia. Talking with a Care Coach can help you understand how to make your parents’ home safe and minimize unnecessary accidents.

Through carefully developed checklists and behavior monitoring, a Stowell Care Coach can empower families with actionable tools to help improve the safety of their loved ones.

2. Understanding The Needs and Demands of Elderly Care

Understanding the needs and demands of elderly care is difficult for even the most experienced family caregiver. As an elderly caregiver, it’s crucial to focus on your loved one’s physical and psychological needs.

When you join the Stowell Care Coaching Program, you’ll get access to experienced professionals who can help uncover the needs of your loved ones and collaborate on a personalized care plan that meets those needs.

A Stowell Care Coach can help you navigate complex issues such as:

  •     New medical diagnoses 
  •       Medications and injuries
  •       Insurance, benefits, and financial abuse
  •       Transitions and family conflict
  •       Future planning

A Stowell Care Manager will work with you to ensure you are always comfortable with the direction of care.

3. Handling Challenging Behaviors in Elderly Care

When an elderly loved one begins to lose their mental faculties due to a degenerative disease, it can be difficult to navigate aggressive behaviors. From verbal outbursts to physical aggression, these behaviors can often be complex for caregivers to manage. 

With our virtual health care management, we’ll provide strategies to deal with challenging behaviors safely and effectively. Caregivers can learn the best methods to help defuse stressful situations and encourage positive behaviors.

4. Easing The Burden of Caregiving

Family caregivers also struggle with the emotional impact of caring for an elderly loved one. So not only can the caregiving process be physically demanding, but it’s also emotionally taxing.

Through monthly, 75-minute coaching calls, your virtual care manager can discuss these emotional challenges and provide much-needed guidance, support, and encouragement. As your partner in elderly care, Stowell Associates is committed to making your journey as a family caregiver as easy and stress-free as possible.

Top Virtual Elder Care Case Management from Stowell Associates

The Stowell Care Coaching Program makes caregiver training, support, and development accessible for family caregivers across the United States.

Using telehealth technologies, Stowell Care Coaches can guide you through the challenges of caring for an elderly parent or loved one.

Knowing your loved one has high-level care management services is a great relief for many family members. With a Stowell Care Coach, you can feel confident knowing that your loved one is receiving the best support possible across multiple types of virtual care.

Are you ready to learn more about how to partner with a Stowell Care Coach? 

Stowell Associates has been helping individuals and families with Wisconsin elder care and care management services for over 38 years. We’re excited to open these opportunities to individuals across the country with our virtual senior care management program—Care Coaching. With Care Coaching, you get access to an elder care professional regardless of your geographic location. But we also offer in-person home care to families and their aging loved ones in the Milwaukee, WI area.

Contact us today and learn how you can use telehealth technologies to bring hope and compassion to your loved one’s care while also caring for yourself.

If you’re looking for in-person caregivers for your loved one, you can reach out to TheKey. They offer in-person, in-home care to elderly adults nationwide.

In-home elder care and virtual care management solutions.

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