Stowell’s Status During COVID-19

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In this challenging time, older adults need quality home care now more than ever. To that end, community members, referral partners, friends, and family have inquired about our status.

Here it is:

We Are Prepared for this Crisis

In conjunction with an advising physician, Dr. Dirk Steinert, we have been tracking this virus and preparing since it began spreading into Europe. We have enhanced our safety protocols and our Caregivers and Care Managers have been ready for this call.

As an Essential Provider, Our Care Team is Ready

Stowell is prepared to provide new and existing home care clients with the same unmatched quality of care our community has come to expect over the past 37 years. In the event of a state or national lockdown, home care is classified as an essential service and we will continue to provide care to our clients.

We Are Here for You – Our Caregivers, Clients, Families and Community Partners

Please let us know how we can make this time easier for you. Our Care Managers can advise on emergency plans, questions about health care, home management, medication management and more. We can make essential visits for supplies, provide support through isolation, depression, and anxiety, and assure that older adults are supported throughout this health care crisis. Our Caregivers have been educated on the latest safety precautions and are available to provide respite to family caregivers.

If there is some role you think we can play, we would be delighted for the opportunity to show you that we care.

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