What is Overnight Home Care for Seniors?

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Left hand of an elderly person in bed

As the needs of your aging loved one grows, you may need to consider 24-hour home care. If left alone, their safety could become compromised due to a disability, mental illness, or cognitive decline.

But where do you start?

Are there caregivers who stay the night without sleeping?

Thankfully, the answer is yes.

Overnight care for elderly loved ones offers much-needed respite to family caregivers and peace of mind to families that can’t be present 24/7.

This article discusses what overnight care is, when your loved one needs it, and how you can get 24-hour home care at a moment’s notice.

What is Home Care Overnight and Who Provides It?

24-hour caregivers provide overnight home care for seniors, supporting older adults’ unique needs that arise at night. Unlike live-in caregivers, overnight caregivers don’t sleep on the job.

Depending on the level of care required, your aging parent may receive care from two to three certified caregivers on rotation. For 24-hour elderly care, at least one caregiver will support your mom or dad with activities of daily living (ADLs) during the day, and another caregiver will provide overnight care.

How Do Overnight Caregivers Help?

Nighttime carers ensure that your loved one receives support from a professional who is awake, alert, and able to care all night long. Overnight caregivers can make your loved one midnight snacks, keep them company if they have trouble sleeping, help them use the bathroom, offer a safe presence in the home, and more.

24-hour home care isn’t always a gradual realization. Adult children often find themselves needing care now for a parent who fell, had unexpected surgery, or suddenly requires around-the-clock supervision.

Overnight care for elderly loved ones can provide a solution to family emergencies and peace of mind to everyone involved. Let’s discuss some key signs that indicate when your loved one needs home care overnight.

Signs Your Parent Needs In-home Night Care

Having a caregiver in your parent’s home during the day seems reasonable because they may need help making food, picking up boxes, or unloading dishes. 

But at night, they’re sleeping, so why would they need care, right?

Your elderly parent may need more help at night than you think. It’s not always practical for a family member to sleep over at your parent’s house every night, especially if they aren’t a full-time caregiver. However, the evenings can be a challenging time for older adults. 

According to Sleep Foundation, insomnia and age are directly related. Seniors may be restless at night, wake up dazed and confused, or experience drowsiness the next day. People with insomnia are also at a higher risk of accidents because it impairs their daily routines.

Overnight caregivers can help combat insomnia symptoms and help your loved one safely function the next day. Overnight home care for seniors can be necessary for more reasons than insomnia, though. Here are five signs an older adult needs home care overnight:

  • Consistent accidents at night because they can’t get themselves up to use the bathroom.
  • Lives with a medical condition, such as Alzheimer’s, that requires constant monitoring.
  • Forgetful to the point where it’s dangerous to leave them alone.
  • Has a debilitating and potentially dangerous mental illness.
  • Recovering from a surgery that immobilizes them.

Care for dementia patients is especially helpful at night. Six in ten people who live with dementia are prone to wander. Whether your loved one needs overnight dementia care or lives far away and needs around-the-clock support, a 24-hour caregiver can help.

How to Get 24-hour Elderly Care for Loved Ones

As home care experts, we understand that making decisions for your aging mom or dad can be difficult and emotionally draining. If you notice any of the signs above and need overnight care for elderly loved ones, call Stowell Associates.

Our dedicated caregivers are passionate about caring for older adults, enabling them to age at home safely. Stowell Associates’ care managers also provide an extra layer of support for families, resourcing them with valuable information, and walking with adult children every step of the way.

To keep your aging parent safe, day and night, contact Stowell Associates for more information about 24-hour in-home care. Our Care Team can develop a personalized care plan for your aging loved one today.

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