20 Best Gifts for Senior Adults

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If you’re looking for the best gifts for senior adults, whether it’s their birthday or a special holiday, we have 20 options for you. In this blog, we list a variety of gifts for homebound seniors and those who live alone.

Ready to find a unique gift for your aging loved one?

20 Perfect Gifts for Seniors

1. Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show comes with “Alexa” personal voice assistant and a video screen. The 10.1” HD screen moves back and forth to keep video calls, recipes, and shows in view. This is one of the best gifts for senior adults because you can also use Echo’s “drop-in” feature to make a video call that automatically picks up on their end.

2. Jitterbug cell phone

You may be familiar with the old Jitterbug commercials. Though you may think they’re old-fashioned, Jitterbug flip phones and smartphones make useful gifts for senior citizens. The phones have large screens and buttons, loud speakers, and come with additional health and safety features designed for older adults.

3. RAZ Memory Cell Phone

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone with Remote Manage is an easy-to-use, groundbreaking phone for seniors with dementia living alone. It ensures that those with cognitive impairments stay connected with their loved ones. The phone has a single screen that never turns off, displaying photos of six primary contacts and a button to call 911.

4. Long-distance friendship lamp

Long-distance friendship lamps make lovely sentimental gifts for homebound seniors. These lamps light up when both friends are near their lamps, creating a sense of connection. Whether you buy one for your loved one and their best friend or yourself, it will help combat loneliness

5. Custom photo album

For elderly adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia, creating a custom photo album can help them remember special moments. It’s a precious gift for your aging family member that they can refer to again and again as their memory fades.

6. Custom photo calendar

Calendars help older adults keep track of their schedules and appointments, but a custom photo calendar does so much more. It gives them joy to see the smiling faces of people they love every day. You can easily create custom calendar gifts at Walmart or Shutterfly.

7. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles make good gifts for someone in assisted living. Puzzles keep older adults preoccupied and exercise their brains. Consider solving the puzzle you gave them as a bonding activity.

8. Large print Sudoku puzzle book

The Alzheimer’s Society has recognized sudoku as a helpful “brain game” that can reduce the risk of dementia. Barnes & Noble sells an extra-large print Sudoku puzzle book for seniors, which you can put on your list as one of the perfect gifts for homebound seniors.

9. My Life Story – So Far book

My Life Story So – Far book is one of the best gifts for senior adults. It inspires your loved ones to remember and preserve their life story. With a variety of prompts, My Life Story – So Far sparks colorful memories. The book will likely become a lasting keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come.

10. Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant

A go-to gift for seniors who are mobile is a gift card to their favorite restaurant. It will encourage your aging loved one to go out, have a good time, and socialize with friends and family in a place they enjoy and feel comfortable.

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11. Weighted blanket

Dementia can make older people feel irritable, anxious, and unable to sleep soundly. A weighted blanket promotes deeper sleep, calms nerves, and provides comfort. Weighted blankets are also thoughtful gifts for immobile elderly adults.

12. Compression socks

Unlike regular socks, compression socks or stockings support your health. They improve circulation and reduce swelling in certain health conditions. Compression socks make good gifts for senior adults who may have chronic swelling in their legs, leading to debility.

13. Electric jar or can opener

Maybe these gifts for senior citizens seem boring, but they’re incredibly useful if your loved one doesn’t already have them. With age, our muscles and grip strength weaken. An electric jar or can opener enables your loved one to open any jar safely. You can easily find these gifts for homebound seniors online or at a store like Walmart.

14. Temperature control mug

An Ember temperature control mug ensures your loved one’s morning coffee or afternoon tea never gets cold again. It will keep their drink hot for an hour and a half or all day on Ember’s newly redesigned charging coaster with long-lasting battery life.

15. Handwritten recipe cutting board

Many families have one special recipe that’s been passed down through generations. Have it engraved on a handwritten cutting board rather than rewriting it on an index card that may get ruined or lost. Your elderly loved one is sure to love it, especially if it’s their recipe!

16. The Mental Wealth Box

If you’re looking for care package ideas for seniors, consider sending your loved one The Mental Wealth Box. There are two kinds of self-care boxes you can buy: one for anxiety and the other for depression. Each box comes with 4-6 carefully selected products that provide knowledge, tools, and activities to help combat anxiety and depression.

17. Organic kitchen herb garden kit

Give elderly adults who love cooking or gardening an indoor gardening kit. On Etsy, you can buy an organic kitchen herb garden kit stocked with everything they need to inspire their green thumb. Indoor gardening kits are great gifts for homebound seniors who have lost their ability to work in the yard.

18. Reusable microwavable heating pad

One of the more simple gifts for seniors is a reusable microwave heating pad. Don’t get one at a supermarket, though. Go to Etsy.com, where you can buy a beautifully patterned rice and flaxseed heating pad. It’s helpful for aches and pains, chilly nights, or those who get cold easily.

19. Window bird feeder

Window bird feeders make perfect gifts for homebound seniors. A bird feeder will provide your loved one with entertainment and a sense of company year-round. Whether they’re already an avid bird watcher, nature enthusiast, or long to enjoy the outdoors again, this gift will lift their spirits.

20. Non-slip yoga socks

Non-slip yoga socks are ideal for older adults who may not be able to move around their homes confidently anymore. Etsy sellers like PodjSocks give you the ability to personalize the  socks to make this gift for homebound seniors even more memorable.

We hope this list of the 20 best gifts for senior adults has helped you find the perfect present for your aging loved one!

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