Help: My Elderly Parent Needs 24 Hour Care

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A caregiver handing a juice drink to an elderly woman

You’re busy juggling work, the kids, extracurriculars, a house, and maybe even college. In the back of your mind, you realize that your aging parent needs help, or, as often happens, a loved one experiences a rapid decline in condition due to sudden illness or an accident.

How are you going to find the time?

You begin to feel guilty about not being there for your parent(s) around-the-clock.

In a recent study, 64% of adults under age 40 underestimated the need for long-term care for elderly adults in the US. It may feel intimidating to research your care options for aging parents. You may find yourself stressed about finding them the best possible care suited for their unique needs.

The good news is that if your elderly parent needs 24-hour care, Stowell Associates can help. We also offer care management alongside 24 hour in-home care to continually assess your loved one’s changing needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about in-home care for elderly family members.

24 hour In home Care

24-hour in-home caregivers provide around-the-clock care to loved ones in the comfort of home.

Caregivers support aging loved ones by providing personal care such as oral hygiene, toileting, bathing, etc. If your loved one needs to be lifted and transferred somewhere, our Hoyer-lift-trained caregivers can help with that, too.

With a caregiver’s support, older adults will receive help with dressing, grooming, transportation, and even light housekeeping. More advanced care solutions are also available, including dementia home care, chronic disease management, transitional care, etc.

Whatever your loved one may need, Stowell Associates’ 24 hour caregivers exist to serve older adults with the highest level of care.

Care Management Services

Beyond home care services for the elderly, Stowell Associates provides professional care management. We believe in developing and executing care plans by well-educated care managers focused on your loved one’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Our care managers work alongside in-home caregivers to provide a comprehensive, but always personal, home care solution. 

Stowell Associates care managers are registered nurses or masters-level social workers who specialize in managing complex family dynamics. Tense family relationships can pose challenges and even emerge from caring for an aging parent, such as a sibling rivalry

Care managers can also help families manage health care crises related to an aging loved one. If your loved one wants to age in place, whether in their house or yours, our care managers can help you make the safest decision for their health and wellbeing.

4 Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Below is a list of four telling signs to look out for in elderly adults that present a need for in home care.

1. Bruising

Your loved one may need home care if you observe excessive bruising on them. Bruises can be an indicator that they are tripping or falling regularly. Keep in mind, some older adults may not remember what happened or lie about the instance to retain their independence.

2. Incontinence 

Another sign that your loved one needs home care is if they can’t reach the bathroom before having an accident. 

3.Reliance on Assistive Equipment

If your elderly parent relies more and more on assistive equipment, at-home care can improve their quality of life.

4. Mental Decline

One of the more serious signs showing that your loved one needs 24 hour in home care is cognitive impairment.

For example, maybe your mother feels increasingly confused due to advancing dementia and opens the door to anyone who knocks, including strangers. Or, perhaps, your father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease after wandering away from his house during the day and forgetting to eat regular meals.

Both of these are signs that your aging parent needs at home care services to ensure their health and safety.

Benefits of 24/7 Care: Safety First

One of the core benefits of a 24/7 caregiver is keeping your loved one safe. At the same time, dedicated caregivers allow your aging parent to maintain a level of independence.

Around-the-clock care can help your loved one stay on top of doctor’s appointments and medications. In-home caregivers may also give aging adults a sense of comfort, routine, and stability in today’s ever-changing world. A caregiver can soothe your loved one’s anxieties and even prevent them from consuming news all day long.

The chief goal of caregivers is to be a present help for your loved one in multiple aspects of their life, as both a professional and a companion.

24 Hour Care is Available for Your Elderly Loved One

Stowell Associates is a premium home care company that believes in going beyond care to serve and support families of aging adults and their loved ones in the Milwaukee, WI area. 

If your elderly parent needs 24-hour care, we can help.

We stand out among live in-home care providers by using a unique care model that integrates at-home caregiving with supportive care management. We take a holistic and adaptable approach to aging life care.

Expect our in-home caregivers to follow a personalized care plan, made especially for your loved one. Caregivers will gladly meet your loved one’s personal and health care needs.

If you’ve been a stand-in family caregiver, learn more about the benefits of respite home care.

Home care isn’t your job – it’s ours.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can enhance your loved one’s independence and quality of life through in-home care services.

And if you’re outside of the Milwaukee, WI area, you can find the same professional in-home care through Home Care Assistance. They’re an industry leader in elder care with locations all throughout the U.S.

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