What to Look for in a Wisconsin Home Care Company

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Elderly parents having a party

Did you know that 19% of the population living in Waukesha County, Wisconsin are age 65 and older? As baby boomers age and health care advances, the senior community will continue to balloon. 

The need for quality eldercare in our communities is at an all-time high.

The growing population of elders will not receive the support they need without qualified in-home caregivers. Quality eldercare services can be a relief to the families of older adults by providing professional assistance.

Families will be more likely to see Waukesha as home if their parents and grandparents can receive geriatric care in community. Trustworthy in-home care releases the burden of caregiving from family members.

Keep reading to learn the essential services of great elder care organizations and how to receive Wisconsin elderly assistance.

What Is Elder Care? 

As loved ones begin to age, you may notice a decline in their health; sometimes quickly, other times, gradually. Maybe your mom isn’t eating regularly, or your dad develops a limp.

Elder care, or eldercare, supports the unique needs of senior citizens regularly as they age.

Traditionally, elder care refers to caring for an older adult’s physical needs. However, in recent years, this term has come to include care for one’s emotional well-being. Both physical and emotional care are closely related and incredibly necessary for aging adults. 

Elderly home care companies (e.g., Stowell Associates) assist aging adults as their mental and physical needs evolve.

Eldercare can include both caregiving services and comprehensive in-home care management.

When You Need Elder Care Counseling Services

Elder care counseling can help individuals and families adjust to the realities of aging.

For instance, if a loved one sustains an injury from a fall, you may begin to wonder if they need professional help; but s/he may not feel as if they need it. Elder care counseling services help older adults learn to cope with their new limitations psychologically and guide the family on how to support them.

Home care companies do not directly provide professional elder care counseling services. However, Stowell Associates works as a support system for family members while providing emotional support and physical assistance to their aging loved ones.

Hiring an in-home caregiver may initially come with hesitations or disagreements. But let objective care management professionals help you make the next best decision for your loved ones.

3 Things to Look for in a Home Care Company

In Wisconsin, elderly assistance is not too far from reach. Home care companies are a resource to the senior citizen community. Personalized, professional support is vital to older adults’ wellbeing as their age challenges their ability to function.
The senior care industry provides various support services, but here’s what better home care providers should offer.

1. In-home Caregiving

In-home caregiving provides hands-on, personalized support by professional caregivers. Personal care is an essential service for aging adults who can’t take care of themselves anymore. 

In this case, a caregiver steps in to assist older adults with daily activities such as bathing, using the bathroom, oral hygiene, meal preparation, and other personal needs. 

Before settling on a home care company, ask questions like:

  • What is your caregiver turnover rate?
  • Do you employ personal care assistants and certified nurse assistants?
  • What kind of ongoing training do you provide to caregivers?

The person caring for your loved one should love what they do every day. If the home care company has a high turnover rate, they aren’t a good fit for your loved one.

2. Elder Care Management

In-home care management provides care resources to help families manage crises and monitor ever-changing situations for aging loved ones. Professional care management services include family relationship management, supportive consulting, and life care management.

As you search for the right home care company in Wisconsin, ask if your loved one will (1) receive care from qualified in-home caregivers (2) who are supported by registered nurses and masters-level social workers.
Remember to look for more than a home care agency. Find a support system of geriatric professionals who go above and beyond to care for older adults and their families.

3. Advanced Care Programs

Advanced elder care services provide specialty care for older adults. Changes can happen fast for seniors. One day they’re getting the mail and enjoying retirement. The next, they may need assistance with basic needs after receiving a diagnosis, such as Alzheimer’s.

Look for advanced care services in a home care agency, like chronic disease management, palliative care, life choices, and even behavioral health.

Premium Senior Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Every home care company’s focus should be on improving every seniors’ quality of life. Not only does this help the elderly, but their relationships with loved ones as well. With a personalized home care program, family members can focus on being family and not providing care.

If you’re looking for elder care, Waukesha, WI has some of the best. Stowell Associates provides in-home elder care with compassion and expertise. Our goal is to see older adults thrive by centering home care around their best interests.

To work with a premium Waukesha elder care organization, contact Stowell Associates.

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