What Do Geriatric Care Consultants Do?

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If you’re a family caregiver searching the web for “elder care consultants near me” or “aged care consultancy services,” you’ve landed on the right blog. Finding elder care can be a stressful, emotional process, especially when it’s unexpected. At Stowell Associates, we want to provide you with the information you need to take care of yourself and your family.

In this blog, we’ll help you find “elder care consultants near me” and explain a few terms along the way, such as “senior care consultant” and “geriatric care manager.”

The more you know, the more informed your decisions will be. So let’s start by defining who it is that can help you navigate your aging loved one’s care.

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What Is a Senior Care Consultant?

Senior care consultants, elder care consultants, and geriatric care consultants are all interchangeable titles that refer to the same professional. At Stowell Associates, we call these “consultants” by their professional title: Geriatric care managers. In other blogs, we’ve called these senior champions “geriatric advisors” and “elder care specialists.” Everyone seems to call them by a different name.

Regardless of title, these professionals hold the same multi-faceted role. Geriatric care managers provide senior care consulting to families of aging loved ones, helping them learn about care options, make health-related decisions, manage stress, and more.

We prefer “geriatric care manager” over “geriatric care consultant” because they’re more than consultants; they’re advocates for the elderly. They also support and resource families with loved ones requiring elder care management

Now, let’s talk specifically about the services geriatric care managers provide. 

What Are Aged Care Consultancy Services?

Aged care consultancy services” is a fancy way to label what geriatric care managers do. It’s difficult to synthesize everything they do because not all of their services are tangible. For instance, they provide emotional support to adult children whose aging parent’s health is declining. 

Below is a list of valuable aged care consultancy services you can expect geriatric care managers to provide.

Housing, Transitional Care & Relocation Services 

  • Help families select the best residential option for their aging loved one 
  • Make necessary arrangements for a smooth transition

Home Care Assistance

Medical Care & Coordination Management

  • Attend health care appointments
  • Facilitate communication between provider, client, and family members
  • Monitor adherence to medical orders and instructions


  • Keep family members and care professionals informed about a senior client’s well-being and changing needs

Social Activities 

  • Provide an opportunity for seniors to engage in various activities that enrich their life


  • Refer to or consult with legal specialists 
  • Provide opinions for courts in determining the level of care or regarding guardianship issues


  • Review or oversee bill pay 
  • Consult with accountants or Power of Attorneys


  • Provide information on Federal and State entitlement programs 
  • Assist with applications as needed

Safety & Security

  • Recommend technologies that add security and safety to a senior client’s home
  • Observe changes, potential risks of exploitation, or elder abuse
  • Protect the vulnerable person


  • Identify and engage local, cost-effective resources as needed

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of the services you can expect a geriatric care manager to provide.

Important Note: One service that geriatric care managers do not provide is in-home care. Care managers can assist in finding in-home help, but caregivers are the ones who physically assist aging and/or ailing adults in their place of residence. Learn more about home care assistance for seniors by reviewing the services offered by our partner, TheKey.

Ready to end the search for “elder care consultants near me”?

Find Geriatric Care Managers in Southeastern Wisconsin

Since 1983, Stowell Associates has been dedicated to providing the best care management services in Wisconsin. Through innovation and a commitment to excellence, we have set ourselves apart from other care providers in the area. The following testimonial was written by the daughter of an aging parent who benefitted from working with a geriatric care manager:

“Everything and everybody was professional and went above and beyond what I expected. Barbara, our care manager, was outstanding. She was very thorough, thoughtful, available, supportive, and knowledgeable.” Lynn, daughter

If you’re looking for “geriatric care managers near me” and live in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, or Waukesha, WI, contact Stowell Associates. Our geriatric care managers are registered nurses and masters-level social workers who create unparalleled, tailored care solutions for our elderly clients and their families.

In-home elder care solutions in Southeastern Wisconsin

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