COVID-19 Update from Stowell

Dear Stowell Associates Caregivers,

First, I wanted to express my appreciation for all you do to serve and reassure clients in this time of uncertainty.  You play such an important role in helping our clients to remain safe and healthy, and on behalf of the executive team, we thank you!

I wanted to expand upon three key points:

  1. Practicing standard precautions and good hand hygiene is a critical piece of preventing the spread of COVID-19.  Please take a moment to view these handwashing videos from the CDC:
  1. Staying home when ill is similarly important.  The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and/or shortness of breath.  If you experience these symptoms, or any respiratory (cold-like) symptoms or diarrhea, you should not work.  Please inform our schedulers if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, and we will work with you to determine when you are cleared to return to work
  1. Since most of our clients fall into the highest risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19, we are recommending that all non-essential medical appointments, outings, and gatherings be canceled for the duration of March.  This is in an abundance of caution.  We recognize that there may be special situations or exceptions, so please consult the assigned care manager, CMA or myself, if you need guidance or have questions.  This recommendation is part of a message that I am sending to all clients and families today.

Thank you for all your vigilance and help.  We appreciate you!

Pam Preston
Chief Operating Officer
Stowell Associates