How to Choose the Best Professional Home Care Services in Milwaukee, WI

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It’s no secret that the number of people who need professional senior home care services is growing at a fast pace. So, how do you determine the best professional home care option for your loved one?

If you’re looking for senior home care in Milwaukee, WI, you’re not alone. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that about 16% of Americans are aged 65 or older, and many more will join this age bracket in the next decade. As baby boomers continue to age, they’ll need additional home care support to continue their quality of life.

The good news is that there are many options to meet your aging loved one’s needs, including professional home care services provided by home care agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you’re considering home care for a parent, family member, or friend, you should weigh the benefits of keeping them in their own environment versus moving them into a care facility for peace of mind.

In this article, we’re providing you with some of the key questions to ask when interviewing Milwaukee in-home care agencies. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to find the best personal care services in Milwaukee for your loved one. 

Keep reading to learn more about professional in-home care for aging seniors in Milwaukee, WI.

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Choosing The Best Professional Home Care Services For Your Loved Ones

Making informed decisions about home care can be overwhelming, and there are several factors you should consider before narrowing down your selection. 

Here are six essential questions to ask Milwaukee in-home care agencies.

1. Do you offer the right services to accommodate my loved one’s needs?

Every individual requires unique care, so finding professional in-home care with a unique and personalized approach is paramount. 

Some seniors may require assistance with only a few activities, while others need full-time or dementia care. It’s crucial to find home care services that focus on providing personalized attention and adjust the care plan as clients’ needs change.

The best professional home care organizations will tailor their services to your loved one’s individual needs, regardless of how extensive they are. By understanding the services available, you’ll determine which home care agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can meet the needs of your loved one.

2. How will living at home with an in-home caregiver improve my loved one’s quality of life?

 Seniors have a strong desire to age in the comfort of their home, but may reach a point where they can’t do so independently. Having a trained caregiver enter their home and provide assistance can help them age in place.

If your loved one is generally healthy and doesn’t require around-the-clock support, then living in their own home with assistance will likely help improve quality of life. These caregivers can provide assistance with:

  • Household chores
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Transportation to and from events/appointments
  • Medication reminders

And if your loved one needs dementia care or 24-hour care, senior home caregivers in Milwaukee, WI can provide for those needs, too.

So whether your loved one needs extensive hands-on assistance or not, an in-home caregiver can allow your loved one to age in place and help increase their quality of life.

3. What qualifications do your caregivers have? How are they trained?

 When it comes to caring for a loved one, there must be a true sense of trust established from the first interaction. It’s a collaborative process, so confidence is important for both you and your loved ones.

Understanding the hiring, background check, and training procedures is key to building that strong foundation of trust with a home care service. You should feel comfortable asking professional in-home care companies about their caregiver qualifications.

So, what should a good agency look like when it comes to caregiver training?

As an example, Stowell Associates in Milwaukee, WI provides all of their caregivers with extensive training. Caregivers complete an initial online training where they learn about the roles and responsibilities of caregiving. Then, they receive in-person training to practice and perfect the different skills needed to offer exceptional in-home care. 

In addition, Stowell also has registered nurses and master-level social workers who create and oversee each client’s individual care plan. So whether you receive geriatric care management, in-home caregivers, or both, you can rest assured that Stowell’s staff are ready to meet your loved one’s needs.

Finding an agency that provides its caregivers with in-depth training is crucial to ensuring your loved one gets the care they need.

4. What reputation does your agency have?

 When you’re looking to bring a caregiver into your loved one’s home, experience is non-negotiable. Look for an organization that’s not only experienced but also appreciated and celebrated by other families.

 For example, if you search online for “in-home care services Milwaukee,” what results pop up? 

Start by looking at the agency’s website and review their testimonials. This can help you determine the satisfaction of their current clients as well as the history of the organization. It’s not just about what the company says, but what the clients say.

 You can also ask around your area to get recommendations from friends and acquaintances who have first-hand experience with personal home care services in Milwaukee.

A home care company with a good reputation is usually one that you can trust with your own loved ones.

5. How much do your professional in-home care services cost?

 Spending money on home care might be a big decision, but it can tremendously improve the quality of life for seniors and adults in need of assistance. 

Many in-home care services in Milwaukee will offer flat, hourly rates for their caregiving services but will also provide:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Flexible payment options

Flexible scheduling means that you can schedule a caregiver for as many hours and days as you need. Maybe your loved one only needs a caregiver two days a week for four hours each day. Or, perhaps your loved one could benefit from a caregiver every day for 8 hours. Whatever their needs are, a Milwaukee in-home care company can accommodate your loved one’s schedule.

The right personal care services in Milwaukee will also offer multiple payment options and help guide you through some of the benefits, such as tax deductions to help offset costs.

 Home care agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, typically accept various forms of payment, including cash, personal checks, and credit cards. That flexibility in financing options is critical for many families.

6. How will you help make my loved one comfortable with the transition to in-home care? 

Transitioning seniors into the world of professional home care can be difficult because it’s a big change. They may feel like their independence is being taken away or that others view them as no longer able to take care of themselves. Having an open and honest conversation will make the transition easier.

You’ll want to find an experienced home care service that can provide support and direction to make the transition a smooth one. That encouragement is critical, especially as everyone, families included, gets comfortable with the change.

Your Top Choice for Professional Home Care Services in Milwaukee

Professional in-home care is a way to provide your aging loved one with hands-on help. Care managers create a personalized care plan for your loved one, and in-home caregivers put the plan into action in your loved one’s home.

But before you choose in-home care services in Milwaukee, it’s beneficial to ask a few questions:

  • Can the home care agency accommodate your loved ones needs?
  • How will living at home with a caregiver improve your loved one’s quality of life?
  • What qualification and training do the caregivers have?
  • Does the agency have a good reputation?
  • How much do professional in-home care services cost?
  • What will the agency do to make the transition to in-home care smooth?

Are you ready to find Milwaukee in-home care for a loved one? 

Choosing the right home care service for an aging loved one is a big responsibility, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, you can put your trust in the professional home care services at Stowell Associates.

At Stowell Associates, we’re proud to be one of the leading home care agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, helping families keep their mothers, fathers, and loved ones comfortable at home. Our Care Managers and Caregivers are fully trained and certified to ensure that your loved one receives the care they need the way they need it.

Contact Stowell Associates to set up an initial consultation with an expert care advisor. We are committed to supporting you and your loved ones with the best professional home care possible.

In-home elder care solutions in Southeastern Wisconsin

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