9 Benefits of Home Health Care for the Elderly

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Seniors enjoying aging at home

Over 90% of people who are older than 65 prefer to stay at home rather than live in a senior living community. 

It’s no wonder why, either. Who wants to leave the comfort of home to be surrounded by strangers? However, the decision to move or age at home is a complicated discussion.

Having your loved one stay with you is not necessarily a better alternative. Care in the home is not easy. When your loved one can’t live on their own anymore, that doesn’t mean you have to move them into your home. It’s a hard reality – one that drives a lot of guilt – but it’s not your only option.

There are many advantages to taking care of the elderly at home, but it’s not always possible to do it alone. The good news is that home health care provides an easy solution. Keeping the elderly in their own homes with the oversight of a caregiver is a significant benefit of home health care.

Now let’s look at the benefits of elderly living at home.

The Advantages of In-home Health Care for the Elderly

What are the advantages of in-home care through geriatric home care services? Learn nine benefits of letting the elderly age at home and how in-home caregivers are a convenient, safe, and cost-effective solution.

1. Personalized Care

One of the best parts of geriatric home care services is how personal it is. Instead of living in a senior living community with several other seniors, your loved one receives personalized care. 

Living at home keeps your loved one in a familiar, daily schedule instead of being ruled by the routine of a senior living community. Your loved one gets to sleep and eat when they want, and they can come and go as they please under the supervision of a trained caregiver.

It also means they receive customized care, unique to their needs.

2. Better Care

With personalized one-on-one care, your loved one gets the attention they need. In other words, while the caregiver is present, they are the caregiver’s only priority. The needs of each elderly adult are met quickly with the utmost care. 

The best home health care will also offer premium care services. The right provider provides everything from personal care and hygiene to house chores, meal prep, and transportation.

3. Staying Social

Studies have long shown that social interaction is essential to older adults. Maintaining a social life can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even some cancers. 

Caregivers help patients stay socially connected by transporting them to social gatherings, or simply being another physical presence at home.

Professional caregivers undergo thorough screening, genuinely love what they do, and are dedicated to their clients. At times, they even become a close friend to your loved one and a trustworthy confidante. 

One-on-one care provides the opportunity to build a meaningful connection and eliminate the loneliness associated with living alone. 

4. No Pet Left Behind

Pets can also play a significant role in eliminating loneliness at any stage of life. Many people even keep pets as therapy or service animals. 

Often, when seniors move to a senior living community, they can’t bring their pets with them. The removal of an older adult’s furry companion can be very painful and damaging to their emotional wellbeing. 

Home health care is a great option because your loved ones can keep their pets. Additionally, caregivers can help take care of the pet when it becomes difficult for the senior. 

5. Safer and Healthier

Sometimes your loved one will refuse to go to a senior living community, but you can’t always take on the burden of caring for them by yourself. Perhaps you don’t have the room in your house, or you’re too busy. 

If this happens, investing in preferred home health care is safer and healthier than letting your loved one live alone. 

As people get older, they’re more prone to falling and serious injury or illness. Perhaps one of the most critical benefits of home care services is that a caregiver can prevent injuries and make sure they are treated should something happen. 

Caregivers can also make sure that your loved one is eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. 

6. Family Members Get to Stay Involved

With community home health care, your family can be more involved in your loved one’s life and care. In most instances, you’ll receive frequent updates and have direct contact with the caregiver. 

Having one consistent caregiver makes it easier to hold open and honest communication about your loved one’s health care. You’ll also know that you’re not missing any vital information. 

Plus, you won’t need to drive to a different location to get to a senior living community. You will have direct access to your loved one’s doorstep and can stop by anytime.

7. Senior Independence

The worst part of being put in a senior living community is the feeling of lost independence. With preferred home health care, this isn’t an issue. 

By remaining in their home with a caregiver, your parent remains in control of their day. Instead of being one of many, seniors get to age in place comfortably, while retaining their independence.

8. In-home Care is Cost Efficient

For many, home health care seems too good to be true. It’s easy to think that it must be wildly more expensive than your other options. 

The truth is – it’s not. 

With in-home health care, you have different options, such as paying the caregiver hourly when you need them most. You have more control over your budget when you invest in at-home care.

If your loved one only needs help sometimes or on certain occasions, you only pay for what they need. This way, you’re able to save money where you otherwise wouldn’t.

Other times, if your loved one needs 24-hour care, you can hire a caregiver all-day or night multiple days per week. The choice is yours.

9. Staying Comfortable

The luxury of comfort over disruption is what defines the importance of home care for the elderly. Most older adults prefer and need home health care

In old age, staying comfortable at home can be crucial, amidst the other uncomfortable changes that result from aging. Consider keeping your loved ones at home with familiar surroundings, belongings, and family. 

Make Home Health Care Your Solution

Everyone gets older, but not everyone wants to move into a senior living community. Now that you understand the importance of home care services, Stowell Associates can be your solution.

With home health care, your loved one can stay in control of their lives while receiving quality at-home care by a professional caregiver. They also receive better, more personalized care in a one-on-one setting.

If your loved one needs help caring for themselves, managing their house, or getting around, contact our care team today for more information about our home health care services. 

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