10 Reasons You Need to Consider Home Care Services

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Considering Wisconsin senior care? Learn why home care is often the best choice.

It’s an undeniable fact: the overwhelming majority of today’s seniors would rather age at home instead of moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. And for good reason: home care services allow elderly people to experience safety and security, while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of home and their local community. When frailty or chronic diseases cause questions to arise about a senior’s capability to remain safely at home, professional home care agencies, like Stowell Associates, provide a viable solution.

Consider these top ways that in-home care services often help seniors:

  1. Overall, home care contributes to an increased satisfaction with life.
  2. Professional home care provides dignity, independence and comfort for seniors.
  3. Home care stimulates healing. Research has revealed that patients heal more quickly in the home rather than in a hospital or nursing home; and utilizing home care services produces a significantly lower chance of re-hospitalization during recovery.
  4. Home care supports and helps families stay together, as it allows them to be more involved in the senior’s care.
  5. Home care offers personalized care customized to the needs of the family and the senior. Stowell Associates provides the additional benefit of professional care managers to oversee the care and coordinate care needs across the complicated healthcare continuum.
  6. Senior care services are supplied one-on-one, offering more private attention and care than a nursing home or assisted living facility. There is never a necessity for a senior to wait for his or her turn when care is needed.
  7. An in-home caregiver can prepare wholesome and nutritious meals that appeal to the senior and also monitor the total amount of food eaten.
  8. A personalized daily workout program endorsed by a physician can be put in place, with the added security of a professional caregiver being present.
  9. The comfort of the familiarity of home is priceless, whether that includes just relaxing in a favorite chair or enjoying a daily cup of coffee in a familiar breakfast nook.
  10. Home care provides accompaniment and transportation to and from various appointments, social events or errands, allowing families more quality time together in addition to more peace of mind.

Stowell Associates’ professional care managers provide tailored home care services that attend to each senior’s unique needs, making it possible for enhanced safety and wellbeing, right in the comfort of home. Whether you are looking for Butler home care services or home care services in the surrounding areas, contact us online or at 414-963-2600 in Milwaukee or 262-521-3016 in Waukesha for more information on the Wisconsin senior care solutions we are able to provide for your loved one.

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