AlayaCare Prescreening for Caregivers

Our clients are among the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, and they are dependent upon us for their care. That’s why we are implementing a simple, daily COVID-19 self-screen to be completed and reported each day that you are seeing one or more clients. These additional steps will help to minimize COVID-19 exposure to our clients and provide added reassurance that receiving care from you is as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure your AlayaCare app on your phone is up to date. Go to the Play Store on an Android Phone or the App Store on an iPhone. Search for and open the option for AlayaCare. Check if the option displayed is Open or Update. If Open is shown, the newest version is already installed. If Update is shown, select update to install the newest version.
  2. Log into your AlayaCare app.
  3. In the AlayaCare app, you will see in your schedule a visit every morning for the COVID-19 DAILY SCREENER. Complete the screening before your shift(s) and only once each day.
  4. To fill out the daily screening report, clock-in to the COVID-19 DAILY SCREENER visit.  You will see a reminder for the COVID-19 Screening, select the Clock In option.
  5. Scroll across the top menu to SERVICE TASKS and click on SERVICE TASKS.
  6. Click on the COVID-19 SCREENER option.
  7. Android instructions: Click on the box under each question and select Yes or No to answer the question and click OK. When you have answered all the questions, click SUBMIT on the bottom of the form.
  8. iPhone instructions: Click on each question (not the box below) and select Yes or No to answer the question. When you have answered all the questions, click Submit in the top right of the screen.

If you answer YES to any question, you will not be allowed to work.  Please contact a Care Coordinator immediately.

Note: When you clock-in to client visit(s) the rest of the day, you will see a reminder to do the COVID-19 screening, if you have completed the screening, click the option to clock-in to the client’s visit.